I'm mom to a tornado of a threenager with another one on the way- as well as a bonus teenager who's way too cool to be on my website, because at the ripe old age of 29 I am officially old and lame... great.

When I'm not working you can find me rearranging the dishwasher, re-watching Gilmore Girls or Jane the Virgin, promising myself I'll eat less carbs tomorrow, and compulsively buying cute notebooks. 💁

I'm so glad you found me here- and I can't wait to help you make some amazing things happen for yourself! 

I'm Melissa, and I'm on a mission to help busy moms build and scale profitable, sustainable businesses.

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What kind of life do you want?

A Schedule That Fits Your Family?
Real Financial Freedom?
Fulfillment Beyond Motherhood?

You don't need a get-rich-quick scheme or a magic wand. You don't need to join some giant company just to work unpaid hoping for commission and recruitment bonuses (seriously, you don't.)

You need tools, resources, and support so you can become profitably self-employed while raising your babies. You need steady, self-generated income. You need a business that you run, not one that runs you. You need the confidence and fulfillment of knowing that in addition to being an awesome mother, you're a badass businesswoman.

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my goal is to help you build the life you really want by creating a business that works for you- not the other way around.

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