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So you can stay home, make money, and build a life you love living.

does any of this sound familiar?

You've got a business, but your family and friends treat it like a hobby.

You're struggling to juggle "mom life" and "business life"... and it feels like you're failing at both.

You have an idea of what you want out of your business, but no sweet clue how to get there.

Everyone around you seems so successful, and you're still checking your bank account to see if you can afford Starbucks at the end of the month. (been there!)

Your spouse is dishing out "back to work" ultimatums if you don't start making profits ASAP.

You deserve better than this- and I'm here to help you get it.

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being a mom and an entrepreneur doesn't have to feel so hard.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing EXACTLY what tasks you need to tackle for your business - and when they fit into the schedule YOU have set for the day.

Think about what it would feel like to be CRYSTAL CLEAR about your next steps, so you can confidently progress towards your biggest goals and grow your business.

Picture the way your life would look if your business was actually as profitable as you wanted...

This is not a daydream- this is 100% achievable, and I can show you how.

With the right support, you can take your idea or business and turn it into something that will literally change your life.

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What's included

idea to income
30-day launch map

success system


An entry-level self-study program for the mom who has an idea or inkling that she's ready to be more than Snot Wiper + Cheerio Dispenser... but isn't sure how to turn that into a business! Idea to Income walks you through validating your idea, creating an offer, doing your market research, and making sure your business is set up to be as legit as you are. 

Our OG program, designed for the entrepreneur who already has a business, but is struggling to get it off the ground. Created specifically to help you get back to basics so you can go from overwhelmed and overworked, to productive and profitable. Self-paced and extremely accessible, this is the perfect program for the busy mom who needs + wants a clear action plan.

When you enroll, you'll get instant and unlimited access to The Template Toolbox, a collection of downloadable working agreements, contracts, spreadsheets, terms + conditions, business emails, photo presets and more... so you can hit the ground running with your big ideas and not get stuck on the small stuff.

the course

the student community


When you join Self-Made Mama School you'll get access to your own special dashboard containing all the courses above, AND a searchable training library packed with easily consumed and highly actionable lessons about everything from time management, to blog-writing, to SEO, and more!

The Self-Made Mama Student Community is an invaluable resource where you can connect with other business-building mamas to bounce ideas, ask questions, and practice accountability with your peers. You'll also have the opportunity to submit questions on a weekly Q+A thread and have them answered specifically for you!

All students enrolled for three months or longer are eligible for a free 45-minute business coaching session, conducted via phone or video chat. This is an incredible opportunity to work through roadblocks, flesh out great ideas, and get some extra one-on-one support!

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Yes... you actually get ALL of that!

Before I asked Melissa to coach me, I felt like my business had no clear direction and I wasn’t receiving the value nor contracts I needed as a writer. Since her mentorship, I have been featured on various widely-respected publications and have a successful, well-run business. I had the talent, but no momentum, and because of her I no longer have that problem. Thank you SO MUCH Melissa!

Lee Abrahams

I can honestly say that your teaching was the 'it' factor that gave me the confidence to follow through with a dream I've had for so long. For the first time in many years, I feel equipped with such useful and applicable information, and it has genuinely helped me push past many of the negative thoughts and practices that have been holding me in fear of branching out after years of being a stay at home mom. I can't thank you enough for that. You are an incredibly talented and generous teacher & mentor, and I am so beyond grateful that our paths have crossed.

Haley Levasseur

Melissa has been instrumental in not only growing my business professionally but personally as well. Her courses have given me confidence in my brand and abilities and allowed me to realize the full potential of the products I offer. Not only does she assist with all levels of growing your business but also the tricky parts like SEO, trademarks and related. I couldn’t have done any of what I’ve accomplished without her.

Amy Libby

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> Idea to Income

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who runs

That would be me!  I'm Melissa, and I built a six-figure business from my kitchen counter with nothing but a laptop, a coffee machine, and a baby on my hip. 

These days that baby is a tornado of a toddler, my business is still highly profitable, and now I spend most of my time teaching other moms how to use their skills and passions to make money that can change their lives.

Listen, I've worked with a lot of moms trying to build businesses. Like, a lot a lot. They all need the same things: A roadmap, a toolkit, and two freaking minutes to drink their coffee in peace.

I can't help with the coffee thing, but I can help with the rest- and that's why I'm here! Because you deserve the life you want, and the business you're dreaming of. Time to go out there and get it, mama.