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transform your online business in just six months so you can get more leads, make more sales, and gain clarity & confidence as a ceo.

You're AMAZING  at what you do- but your business doesn't look and feel amazing to you or your potential clients and customers- and it's keeping you stuck.


not anymore...

The Society Accelerator is a Six-Month business transformation experience for client-based businesses & infopreneurs who want to stop scrapping together their marketing and start running a polished, put-together and PROFITABLE online business.

During your time in the program we will work WITH you to strategically audit and upgrade the SIX SUCCESS FACTORS of Online Business- your offers, your messaging, your brand, your audience, your funnel, and your mindset.

audit your online business

upgrade your
six business success factors

create more income and more impact

The way you structure & present your offers is CRUCIAL to the success of your business- you've got to learn to create offers that people actually want to buy and that make sense from a business perspective for you to deliver. Some people never figure this out, and their businesses eventually fail as a result- that's not going to be you!!

Being able to clearly articulate what youoffer and why your ideal customer would want to buy it from you is a skill and an art- and it's one that most people struggle with. Compelling copy can literally transform your business- but crappy copy is very likely to keep it stuck... we're here to make sure that doesn't happen!

Looks matter, period. Humans are visual creatures, and your customers' initial perception of the value your business provides will be based on their visual first impression. You don't need a high-end professional brand right away... but you DO need visuals that don't make you look like you're halfassing your business. This is a FULL-ass operation from here out, OK? 

You don't need to be an influencer to have a successful online business... but you DO need to learn how to build an audience for your content AND how to reliably convert them to customers. Posting and hoping for the best is not content marketing- and content marketing is no longer optional if you want a thriving business in 2023 & beyond.

The way people find you, fall in love with your work, and buy from you should NOT be an accident!! Spontaneous referrals are favulous- but they are not going to give you a reliable, consistent, cash-flowing business. Funnel is not a bad word- it's just the way we remove friction and curate your customer's journey from content to conversion.

If you don't act, think, and make decisions like the CEO you want to be... you won't get the business you want to have. Your business won't outgrow your mindset- so you MUST be intentional about breaking down mental blocks and expanding your capacity for growth and success. That's almost impossible to do by yourself- so we've woven mindset support into every facet of this program. 







here's What We'll Focus On In The Accelerator:


✔️ You sell services or information products and have proven skills, education, or experience that people want access to...

✔️ You know you're knowledgeable and skilled, and you know how to help people- but your sales numbers don't  really reflect that, and you can't seem to make it look and feel as good as you want it to...

✔️ You've been cautious about business coaching- maybe you've even been burned before by a dishonest coach... but you're ready to work with someone who truly respects you, your time, & your investment...

✔️ You want a BETTER business- one that looks better, sounds better, feels better, and that you're PROUD to put out there on the internet every single day.

If any of that sounds familiar... you're in the right place. It's time to fast-track your business success and join the Society Accelerator ASAP

This was literally made for you if:

okay let me in!!!

"The Self Made Mama Society is everything I hoped it would be and more. After investing in a high ticket mastermind that overpromised and underdelivered, I was even more unclear about the future of my business and what to do next. I had been following Melissa for awhile and finally decided to spend the money and invest.

 It’s worth way more than I could’ve imagined. You get access to a no BS coach who actually knows what she’s talking about and will actually give you advice that will push you to where you need to be. Melissa is supportive and kind and totally relatable which is a hard thing to find in this online space.

On top of all that, the community she has created is the best I’ve ever been in. Everyone is so supportive not only when talking about business, but life in general as well. It’s a completely safe space free of judgment, fear, and hesitancy. You’re able to bounce ideas off of each other and cheer each other on and also commiserate together about the challenge of building a business and a family at the same time. My business, my mindset, and my life have completely changed just in the 4 months since I’ve joined. This is the best business decision you could ever make!"

meet Brie

Here's what happens when you enroll:

The Society Accelerator is focused HEAVILY on audit + execution… because in 2023 you NEED a business that actually reflects how skilled & passionate you are- and you deserve the profits that come along with it!

When you enroll you'll be able to book a Private Business Audit with me right away- and at the end of January we'll get together for a goal-setting & vision-casting call to establish exactly what you want to achieve over the next six months.

You’ll get immediate access to a comprehensive online business curriculum along with daily support in our student Facebook group- AND you'll have full access to LIVE support twice a week through our coaching & focused support calls for the entire six months:

⭐️ Weekly coaching calls (Mindset)
⭐️ Monthly Copy Clinic (Messaging)
⭐️ Monthly Content Lab (Audience)
⭐️ Monthly Offer Audit (Offers)
⭐️ Monthly Funnel Fix (Funnel)
⭐️ Visuals reviews in the group (Brand)

PLUS a Quarterly Systems Call to get your business operations running smooth AF, and Quarterly Guest Expert classes from top notch marketing & personal development pros.

Online business is a bit of a Wild West- you don't always know what you're getting, and there's very little accountability for disingenuous coaches and course creators. I'm on a mission to change that- and that starts by holding myself and my programs to the highest standards when it comes to integrity, accountability, and a people-first approach.

I'm mom to two wild little boys, legal guardian to my teen brother, and service wife to my hunky husband. The Society is my third baby- and it's where I pour my focus, energy, and passion as a marketer and coach.

I'm so glad you found Self-Made Mama- and I can't wait to help you make some amazing things happen for yourself!

meet your coach

Melissa Rodgers

i built this business from scratch with a baby on my hip... and i know that motherhood can make business feel even harder than it already is

expert business coaching

hands-on marketing support

high quality community


👉 Weekly hotseat coaching ($7200)
👉 Weekly marketing support calls  ($10,000)
👉 Private Business Audit with Melissa ($400)
👉 Daily FB Group support ($2000)
👉 Idea to Income ($67)
👉 The $5K Formula ($297)
👉 The Success System ($997)
👉 Get Paid Every Day ($97)
👉 Naptime CEO ($67)
👉 The Passive Product Process ($1997)
👉 The Content Matrix System
💰 Total Value = $23,219

Let's build a business that works as hard as you do.


All prices are in USD. Your payment includes 6-month access to The Society materials, calls, and community.



All prices are in USD. Your payment includes 6-month access to The Society materials, calls, and community.




I know it can feel scary to make an investment in yourself- and I want you to know that I take your enrolment seriously.

If you're in- I'm in.

If you're doing the work, putting in the effort, and STILL not getting results, we will implement a custom "Back on Track" learning plan to support you, free of charge.

No one in The Society gets left behind- we don't believe in throwing a few videos at you and just leaving you to it. 

I know your success is inevitable- now let's get to work!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of business is this meant for?

The Society is specifically for service providers, client-based business owners, and digital product creators. The intention of the program is to help you sign more clients, grow an audience of potential buyers, and sell profitable digital products.

How is this different from other coaching programs?

My clients and students call me "The Mama Bear of Online Business"- and that's because I've made it my mission to protect aspiring entrepreneurs from bullshit bro marketing and scammy sales strategies by teaching what WORKS- nothing else. There is no smoke and mirrors, there are no false promises... just simple, sustainable, and PERSONALIZED strategies that you can put into action and start seeing results right away.

When and for how long can I access the materials + resources?

As soon as you check out, you'll have instant access to every product inside of The Society Client Portal, as well as the group calls and FB group. Right after you check out you will receive an email granting you access to your resources. Everything will remain accessible to you inside a password-protected course portal for six months.