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So you can stay home, make money, and build a life you love living.

does any of this sound familiar?

You've got a business, but your family and friends treat it like a hobby.

You're struggling to juggle "mom life" and "business life"... and it feels like you're failing at both.

You have an idea of what you want out of your business, but no sweet clue how to get there.

Your spouse is dishing out "back to work" ultimatums if you don't start making profits ASAP.

Everyone around you seems so successful, and you're still checking your bank account to see if you can afford Starbucks at the end of the month. (been there!)

You deserve better than this- and I'm here to help you get it.

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being a mom and an entrepreneur doesn't have to feel so hard.

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing EXACTLY what tasks you need to tackle for your business - and when they fit into the schedule YOU have set for the day.

Think about what it would feel like to be CRYSTAL CLEAR about your next steps, so you can confidently progress towards your biggest goals and grow your business.

Picture the way your life would look if your business was actually as profitable as you wanted...

This is not a daydream- this is 100% achievable, and I can show you how.

With the right support, you can take your idea or business and turn it into something that will literally change your life.

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welcome to

so, what's the
success system?

A PROVEN six-stack system intentionally designed to strip the chaos out of your business and put you on a clear path to profit.

an affordable, self-paced online learning experience for busy moms
who need to stop pouring time and cash into crap that doesn't work
and get serious about making money from home.

Busy moms who want a business that ACTUALLY MAKES MONEY... and still leaves time for cool stuff like sleeping, and friendships, and spouses. Remember those?

who's it for?

who is it not for?

People looking for "the secret to $10K months," a quick fix, or a magic wand. This is a REAL program that requires REAL work and effort- but I promise, the results are REALLY life-changing!

what's in it for me?

A high-intensity and high-impact coaching experience, without the big ticket price tag. You'll receive all the materials, guidance, and support you need to kill it in this program, and after that, your biz.

the success system only opens up a few times a year to ensure all students get the best experience. sessions typically sell out within hours.

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what's in the system?



MODULE three:

Let's break down every aspect of your current business or idea and get real about your numbers- you don't get to stick your head in the sand here, sister! We'll be going through every detail of your biz as it stands right now, so we know EXACTLY where you're at before we figure out where you need to go.

Information is power, so this week is all about collecting the data that will allow you to take COMMAND of your business journey and get on the path to profit.

Do you know the difference between a business and a brand? Which do you have? This module takes you through the exact branding process I use to create gorgeous personal brands for my clients; so you can get clear about your brand's identity and build a consistent, memorable presence for your business online.

This week is all about digging deep and figuring out WHO you're talking to, WHAT you should be saying, HOW to say it, and WHY you're here!

Have you ever felt inadequate? Do you stress about people figuring out that you have no idea what you're doing? In this module shit gets real- we're delving into the feelings and beliefs that you carry about your business that might be holding you back.

This week is about tackling the negative thoughts that keep us sitting on the couch when we should be running full tilt towards our goals. There's nothing woo woo about this one ladies, we're talking straight up strategies to get out of your own head and get shit done.

MODULE four:

MODULE five:


So. Now we know where you're at. We know who you are. And we know how you feel. The next step is to learn the science of goal setting- and yes, I mean science. This module is focussed on taking everything we've learned and coming up with clear, achievable goals for YOUR business.

This week you'll be given tools and techniques to set precise, realistic, and achievable goals for the short and long term. We'll walk through the decision making process that will save you hundreds of hours of time and you'll learn the skills to make calls like a true CEO from here on.

OK girl, you've got your goals. They're aligned with your purpose and your passion. Now what? Here's where The Success System is different from the average course- this week you're going to learn how to break your goals down into projects and tasks... so you can actually accomplish them!

This module is all about figuring out exactly what you need to do to smash your new goals- then figuring out exactly when and how you're going to do it, so you have a clear blueprint for success.

Did you think we were done? I'm not gonna let you run out into the world just yet, mama. I want to make sure you leave geared up and fully equipped to uplevel your business and your income. This week you're going to accomplish a goal, with the help of your coursemates and yours truly.

This module teaches you accountability strategies to help you make commitments to yourself and your business and STICK TO THEM. We'll tackle the pitfalls you're facing together and come up with workarounds to help you push forward towards true profits no matter what's going on.

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Six modules. Six game-changing pillars of success.

Before I asked Melissa to coach me, I felt like my business had no clear direction and I wasn’t receiving the value nor contracts I needed as a writer. Since her mentorship, I have been featured on various widely-respected publications and have a successful, well-run business. I had the talent, but no momentum, and because of her I no longer have that problem. Thank you SO MUCH Melissa!

Lee Abrahams

I can honestly say that your teaching was the 'it' factor that gave me the confidence to follow through with a dream I've had for so long. For the first time in many years, I feel equipped with such useful and applicable information, and it has genuinely helped me push past many of the negative thoughts and practices that have been holding me in fear of branching out after years of being a stay at home mom. I can't thank you enough for that. You are an incredibly talented and generous teacher & mentor, and I am so beyond grateful that our paths have crossed.

Haley Levasseur

Melissa has been instrumental in not only growing my business professionally but personally as well. Her courses have given me confidence in my brand and abilities and allowed me to realize the full potential of the products I offer. Not only does she assist with all levels of growing your business but also the tricky parts like SEO, trademarks and related. I couldn’t have done any of what I’ve accomplished without her.

Amy Libby

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> Lifetime Access to The Success System

> Six Value-Packed Video + Audio Modules

> Private Students-Only Facebook Group

> Weekly Q+As

> Q+A Replay Library

> The Success System Roadmap, 60+ pages of exercises and worksheets to get you from overwhelm to amazing


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who runs

That would be me!  I'm Melissa, and I built a six-figure business from my kitchen counter with nothing but a laptop, a coffee machine, and a baby on my hip. 

These days that baby is a tornado of a toddler, my business is still highly profitable, and now I spend most of my time teaching other moms how to use their skills and passions to make money that can change their lives.

Listen, I've worked with a lot of moms trying to build businesses. Like, a lot a lot. They all need the same things: A roadmap, a toolkit, and two freaking minutes to drink their coffee in peace.

I can't help with the coffee thing, but I can help with the rest- and that's why I'm here! Because you deserve the life you want, and the business you're dreaming of. Time to go out there and get it, mama.