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Pick a course or subscription that fits your goals and your season of life- from 30-day programs to a comprehensive membership experience, there's a Self-Made Mama program for every aspiring CEO.

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An entry-level self-study program for the mom who has an idea or inkling that she's ready to be more than Snot Wiper + Cheerio Dispenser... but isn't sure how to turn that into a business! Idea to Income walks you through validating your idea, creating an offer, doing your market research, and making sure your business is set up to be as legit as you are. Even better, this one comes in at a STEAL of a deal!

A self-study program designed for the entrepreneur who already has a business, but is struggling to get it off the ground. Created specifically to help you get back to basics so you can go from overwhelmed and overworked, to productive and profitable. Self-paced and extremely accessible, this is the perfect program for the busy mom who needs a push, but can't commit to live calls or group coaching.

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The holy grail of membership experiences for business-building moms, this is the next best thing to private coaching! Becoming a student gives you instant access to The Success System, along with a course library of hands-on lessons teaching you everything from Facebook ads, to branding, to SEO, and more! You'll also have access to The Template Toolbox, and bimonthly Q+A days with Melissa!

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live coaching

If you're looking for some one-on-one attention to help you grow or scale your business, coaching is definitely the right option for you! 

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whatsapp coaching

Got a problem you just can't figure out? Struggling to make a big business decision? If you're not ready for a coaching commitment, but still need a little 1:1 support, this is the perfect fit. When you purchase, you'll receive an email with a calendar and a questionnaire so I can learn about you and your business. We'll book a 75-min call to get familiar and talk strategy, and you'll receive a recording of the call afterwards.

Making money, but want more? Got goals, but can't figure out how to get there? My 1:1 private coaching experience is designed specifically for YOU, Mama. Don't waste time spinning your wheels- get on the path to amazing results with me right beside you, cheering you on and providing tangible support! With biweekly calls and unlimited access to me via voice or text messenger, you'll be crushing goals in no time.

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 If you need one on one support, but aren't quite ready to invest in intensive coaching, this is the perfect package for you! Get the support you need via 1:1 WhatsApp access- leave text or voice messages, and get direct, real-time responses that will help you push forward and smash business barriers. Get the attention you need to build massive momentum, without the scheduled coaching calls and homework of a higher end package.

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