My Work-at-Home-Mom Amazon Faves

January 30, 2021

OK Mamas, tons of you have been up in my DMs on Instagram asking about my work-at-home mom setup and requesting links. To make this nice and easy I’ve grabbed Amazon links for everything you see here- plus a few extra items I’ve used and recommend for your home workspace.

Many people are surprised to learn that I actually do not work out of an office- just a nook in my master bedroom- so I keep minimal “stuff” and focus on what I need to feel productive and inspired when I’m working. These are all the products I actually use every single day- I hope you find this helpful!








First up, this handy little wireless keyboard and mouse set- I LOVE the gold and white, it makes my desk look cute but is also super functional. You’ll need AAA batteries for both, so make sure to grab some of those as well while you’re shopping:
Next, this clear laptop riser to help my posture while working. I have developed a terrible slouching habit from leaning over my laptop all these years, so this year I decided to sort my sh!t out and address my desk posture by raising my laptop to monitor height and adding a keyboard and mouse.

These blue light blockers are cuter than anything I’ve bought anywhere else and actually seem to reduce headaches for me- although apparently there’s very little research to suggest that these things actually do anything… If you want some just in case, they come in a two pack so you can change it up whenever you want!

These acrylic magazine/file holders to store the things I need to grab all the time- everything else is tucked away on a shelf or in a file box!

This wireless phone charger,  partly because it looks tidier than a bunch of cables and partly because it matches my branding, LOL.

This ring light is cheep and cheerful, but it works perfectly- I use it to hold my phone for video content even when I don’t need the actual light, and turn it around to bounce light off the wall when I need to brighten my space without the harsh glare. I orefer the “warm white” setting in the middle- that way I look glowy in a beachy way, not in a vampire way. Win!

This pen holder/cup thing ties together the gold elements on the table and gives me somewhere to store my favourite pens, which are next on the list.


These pens are the best pens in the entire world and I will die on this hill because I’m obsessive and particular about office supplies. These things write like a dream and are so satisfying to use. If you don’t think I’m crazy after reading that and you know what I mean, you KNOW. Just get them. Thank me later.


Those pens are perfect for writing in your planner because they almost never smudge… and honestly, if you’re a planner addict but can’t find a good one, the BlueSky planners from Amazon are actually PERFECT. They’re not as aesthetic as some of the more trendy planner options, but these guys are incredibly practical and useable.

Last but not least, this BPA-free acrylic tumbler is my fave way to keep my water intake on track. I live with a “cup clearer”… you know, one of those people who will literally clean up your cup WHILE YOU’RE STILL DRINKING IT. I’m fine, it’s fine. This tumbler solves that problem, no one touches it except my incessant children.

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