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so, you're a mom.

Welcome to the club! I hope you don't like sleep.

You’ve successfully procreated and are the proud mother of an adorable miniature you… there’s just one problem. You’re suuuper attached to the little sucker now, and you don’t really want to go back to work. Great!

Except, it’s 2019- and living on a single income in most places is about as realistic as flying to the moon on your pet unicorn.  #truth

If you have a pet unicorn, you can stop reading now.
But if you don't, then I think you'd better keep scrolling.

I'm melissa, and i built a six-figure business from home with no cash, no childcare, and no clue what i was doing.

Along the way I learned a LOT- and now I've made it my mission to help other women build a business that can change their life. The systems and programs I've created are helping hundreds of moms just like you to cut through the overwhelm and get serious about making an income from home.  Wanna know more?

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