No-BS Business Coaching for busy, ambitious women & femmes who have big dreams to chase and babies to raise.

sell out your services

attract your audience

create passive products

It's time to learn to grow your client-based business and create profitable digital products WITHOUT the busy mom burnout.

✔️ You are currently operating or trying to start a CLIENT-BASED business offering services to individuals or groups...

✔️ You'd like to grow beyond offering services by yourself and sell digital products or scale your services with a team...

✔️ You've been cautious about business coaching- maybe you've even been burned before by a dishonest coach... but you're ready to work with someone who respects you and your time...

✔️ You kinda sorta know what you should be doing to make sales, but it feels overwhelming and all over the place- and everywhere you look there's a new strategy to try or a new trend to hop on...

✔️ As a parent or caregiver trying to grow a business, you often feel the weight of the world on your shoulders- you wish you had more time,  mental space, and energy for your business...

✔️ You have big dreams- you're ambitious and driven, but you value being a present, engaged parent... You want BOTH!

let's talk about who this is for

If any of that sounds like you.... you're in the right place. It's time to join the BEST coaching community on the internet and get to work!!

Before we go any further...


"The Self Made Mama Society is everything I hoped it would be and more. After investing in a high ticket mastermind that overpromised and underdelivered, I was even more unclear about the future of my business and what to do next. I had been following Melissa for awhile and finally decided to spend the money and invest.

 It’s worth way more than I could’ve imagined. You get access to a no BS coach who actually knows what she’s talking about and will actually give you advice that will push you to where you need to be. Melissa is supportive and kind and totally relatable which is a hard thing to find in this online space.

On top of all that, the community she has created is the best I’ve ever been in. Everyone is so supportive not only when talking about business, but life in general as well. It’s a completely safe space free of judgment, fear, and hesitancy. You’re able to bounce ideas off of each other and cheer each other on and also commiserate together about the challenge of building a business and a family at the same time. 

My business, my mindset, and my life have completely changed just in the 4 months since I’ve joined. This is the best business decision you could ever make!"

As a member of The Self-Made Mama Society, you'll learn exactly how to:

✨ Structure your business around your ideal lifestyle so you can hit your revenue goals without working yourself to death or feeling resentful of your clients...

✨ Present your offers in a way that makes them absolutely irresistible to your dream clients- even when you're charging more and working less...

✨ Identify the best place for YOU to get leads for your business (not just what everyone else is doing) and set up a system to bring new people into your world every day...

✨ Write scroll-stopping sales copy for your website and social media that gets people saying, "OMG I NEED to work with you!"

✨ Master the mindset struggles that hold most entrepreneurs back so you can feel clear, confident, and completely lit up about your business!

✨ Make CEO-Style decisions about every aspect of your business and life so you can experience not just flexibility, but FREEDOM


"Melissa's program is one I truly feel takes into account that you're a mum and that you have to go at a pace that works for you. The fact that I can just pop in every week for a quick question makes me feel incredibly supported and the rest of the community is so helpful as well!!!"

There is no ONE way to have a profitable online business.

There are a LOT of coaches out there trying to teach you how to create an online course or membership, how to make "passive income," and how to scale to six figures and beyond with nothing more than a webinar and a vision board.

I call Bullshit.

Launching a passive product without a large audience, massive ads budget, and extensive experience solving problems for your target market DOES.👏 NOT.👏 WORK.👏

Cookie-cutter coaching that doesn't take into account your unique situation, experiences, and strengths DOES.👏 NOT.👏 WORK.👏

I believe it's CRUCIAL that you learn how to consistently sell out your services at sustainable price points- so that you ALWAYS have cash flowing through your business and giving you the freedom to scale at your own pace, on your OWN terms.

Here's the honest truth:


looking for receipts? how about screenshots?

What happens when you enroll?



attract your audience

If you don't know why you sell what you sell and why someone should hire you, no one else knows either! When you join The Society you'll immediately book your first private call. Together we'll carefully clarify who you serve, how you serve them, and how to structure your offers right from the start so you can hit your revenue goals ASAP.

Instead of wasting time and energy on endless marketing strategies that don't lead to actual sales (and trying to keep up appearance on Instagram, let's be honest..) You'll learn how to build and implement a simple, customized sales system to score clients, serve them well, and make sales on repeat every single month.

You DON'T need an audience to sell out your services- but to move on to Phase 4, we need people who know you're a genius to sell your digital products to (and no, your mom and that girl who keeps trying to recruit you to Herbalife don't count.) Phase 3 is all about attracting your ideal audience and nurturing them with compelling content

add profitable digital products

I know you have a dream for your family and your life- on your Strategic Scaling Call we'll turn that dream into a clear vision, set realistic targets, and intentionally design a digital product strategy that doubles down on your skills and strengths and increases your income while freeing up your time!

I'm ready!





Melissa is seriously a top-notch business coach! Unlike many coaches, she is down to earth and relatable. She truly wants to see you succeed and overdelivers on everything. I have invested in multiple programs and I have been blown away by the amount of support and information I’ve gotten so far in The Society, all at an incredible price point.

The community is unmatched by any online coaching/course community I’ve participated in. Even though there were many women already in The Society before I joined, I felt so welcomed right away! I always look forward to our group call every week, it is always so warm and supportive, truly a safe space to process all things business and whatever else we are going through at the moment. If you’re considering joining The Society or any of Melissa’s other programs, just go for it! I’ve not regretted it for a second, I only wish I’d joined sooner!


Here's what you get inside

Unlike other programs on the market, The Society offers you a chance to get face-to-face support every single week. Bring any questions that have come up for you that week and get fast, actionable advice from Melissa and input from the group to help you move forward quickly and successfully, 

Too often when you join a business program, the face that sold you the program is nowhere to be found once you've paid and gotten inside. I know how impactful a little one-on-one attention can be, and so when you join the Society you will get a 1:1 session with Melissa to get you set up for success and make sure you know exactly what to focus on!

For all those questions that pop up throughout the week, for the decisions and dilemmas keeping you up at night... there's the Society Facebook Group. Get answers and feedback from Melissa  Monday-Friday, and your own personal cheer squad and support system 24/7, 365. The vibe in this community is UNMATCHED in the online business space- and these entrepreneurs are some of the most skilled and supportive people you will ever meet.

the society is only $2495- or 12 easy payments of $249... but YOU still GET ALLLL OF THIS:

Regular Price: $7200/year

Regular Price: $400

Regular Price: $2000/yr

Most marketing doesn't work for one reason: Your customers don't know why they should buy from you. Why don't they know? Because YOU either don't know, or aren't communicating it properly. The $5K Formula is my best-selling marketing course designed to turn you into messaging maven in no time at all.

Instead of a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all method, my Six-Phase Success System is not a prescriptive process- instead, it's an Audit + Action methodology that actually  builds you a custom sales and marketing system as you move through the phases. When you're done, you'll understand exactly how to get clients, close sales, and keep your marketing rolling 24/7.

Get Paid Every Day is the offer system you never knew you needed, but won't be able to live without. From offer structure to sales page copy, this power-packed product has you covered and will definitely stop your audience's scroll and get them to look twice at that buy button.

If you feel like your kids are slowly killing your chances of becoming a successful CEO with their constant demands for snacks and attention... Naptime CEO will give you back your sanity. If you're worried you don't have time... this will help.

When you're ready to add a passive product to your business, the Passive Product Process is here to walk you through every single step- from validating your idea, to recording the content, to live launching and eventually evergreen ads.... this is the GRANDADDY of all program bonuses, and it's yours when you join the Society.

Regular Price: $297

Regular Price: $997

Regular Price: $97

Regular Price: $67

Regular Price: $1997



Or 12 easy payments of $249

What You're Getting:

👉 Weekly group coaching ($7200)
👉 Initial private session with Melissa ($400)
👉 Daily FB Group support ($2000)
👉 Ides to Income ($67)
👉 The $5K Formula ($297)
👉 The Success System ($997)
👉 Get Paid Every Day ($97)
👉 Naptime CEO ($67)
👉 The Passive Product Process ($1997)
👉 VIP Gift ($100)
💰 Total Regular Price = $13,125

Your price = $2495

All prices are in USD. Your payment includes 12-month access to The Society materials, calls, and community.

apply now

Or 12 easy payments of $497

Are you an established online business owner? Do you consider yourself a bit more advanced when it comes to marketing your business? Are you looking for more 1:1 attention to help your business finally BLOW UP?

If so, the Mastermind option is EXACTLY what you need!

When you join at the Mastermind level, you get the entire Self-Made Mama Society experience PLUS:

👉 12x Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Melissa 

👉 Mastermind Group Whatsapp Coaching M-F

👉 Personalized 12-Month Growth Plan

💰 Total Regular Price = $20,325

Your price = $4997

All prices are in USD. Your payment includes 12-month access to The Society materials, calls, and community and 12-month access to the Mastermind.

risk-free guarantee

I know it can feel scary to make an investment in yourself- and I want you to know that I take your enrolment seriously.

If you're in- I'm in.

If you're doing the work, putting in the effort, and STILL not getting results, I will personally work with you until you do.

No one in The Society gets left behind- we don't believe in throwing a few videos at you and just leaving you to it. 

I know your success is inevitable- let's get to work!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of business is this meant for?

The Society is specifically for service providers, client-based business owners, and digital product creators. The intention of the program is to help you sign more clients, grow an audience of potential buyers, and sell profitable digital products.

How is this different from other coaching programs?

My clients and students call me "The Mama Bear of Online Business"- and that's because I've made it my mission to protect aspiring entrepreneurs from bullshit bro marketing and scammy sales strategies. I teach what WORKS- nothing else. There is no smoke and mirrors, there are no false promises... just simple, sustainable strategies that you can put into action and start seeing results right away.

When and for how long can I access the materials + resources?

As soon as you check out, you'll have instant and lifetime access to every product inside of The Society Client Portal, as well as the group calls and FB group. Right after you check out you will receive an email granting you access to your resources. Everything will remain accessible to you inside a password-protected course portal.

how do i know if i should join at the mastermind level?

The Mastermind option is best suited for those already making consistent income in their business who want more 1:1 attention and a faster pace of learning. If you are still wrapping your head around online business basics and marketing essentials, it's best to start by joining The Society and learning at your own pace until you're ready to upgrade. When you join at the Mastermind Level or upgrade, you get 12 months of mastermind access.

And I believe in better business coaching.

Online business is a bit of a Wild West- you don't always know what you're getting, and there's very little accountability for disingenuous coaches and course creators.

I'm on a mission to change that- and that starts by holding myself and my programs to the highest standards when it comes to integrity, accountability, and a people-first approach.

I'm mom to two wild little boys, legal guardian to my 16yo brother, and service wife to my hunky husband. The Society is my third baby- and it's where I pour my focus, energy, and passion as a marketer and coach.

I'm so glad you found Self-Made Mama- and I can't wait to help you make some amazing things happen for yourself!

In case we haven't met yet... I'm Melissa!


Working with Melissa brought me so much clarity. Her program offered me exactly what I needed to get organized, focused and get my business to where it needs to be to be selling my services. She asked me all the right questions, and encouraged me along the way to really understand who my competitors are, how I can be different and stand out and how I can let my expertise shine. I would absolutely recommend Melissa to any female entrepreneur that needs to get on the right track to start and grow their business. Melissa is committed to helping you grow and succeed. Thank you Melissa!

"About a month ago, you told me straight up my account wasn't clear on whom I wanted to serve. To be honest I thought my message was clear lol. Then I put my ego aside and started going through all my stuff, my posts, my reels, my contents and I realised that you were right. So still confused, I went back 5 years ago and started creating content based on my experience as a mom. How it all started, my fears, my struggles but also my wins.

Yesterday I posted a Reel that got me 35 new followers in a day. I used to have 1 a day and sometimes 0. For me it wasn't just the numbers, it was the fact that more than 7 moms told me they connected with my story like what???? I was like omg where have they been. So Melissa - thank you for being honest from the get go. You are awesome and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Your no bs coaching is the real deal."

Self Made Mama has been pivotal in building my business over the last year. I’ve taken several of her standalone courses, am an active member of the Society, as well as a 1-on1 coaching client, and Melissa knows her shit. I love her ethical no bull shit hands on approach. She makes sure you have legit information to help you and doesn’t hold back on offering suggestions and holding you accountable. 

One year ago I was a scattered mom blogger unsure of how to monetize, now I have a clear vision with offers and a membership community and am working on scaling. I have also taken alot of the things I have learned from Self Made Mama, and her materials from the Society, and applied them to our family trades business. 

I can’t recommend Melissa and all the Self Made Mama has to offer enough. If you resonate with her messages, take the leap, and do the damn thing. Your only regret will be that you didn’t start investing in yourself and Self Made Mama sooner."