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Hey, I'm Melissa- business owner, resentful holder of a degree I don't use, dark roast addict, and mom to a rabid toddler.  I spend most of my time designing websites from my kitchen counter while reciting Pete the Cat off by heart. I'm obsessed with traveling, writing, and cooking- and I'm lucky enough to have a hunky husband who supports all three of these passions .

Carb Enthusiast.

mother. entrepreneur.

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Getting Shit Done?

A few months into self-employment, I found myself stressed out, burnt out, and completely effing exhausted. I had SO MANY things on my to do list, so many responsibilities and things to remember, I just couldn't cope.

So,  I got serious about my situation and created this daily power sheet for myself- it helps me manage priorities, organize myself, and make the most of the limited time I have each day to focus on my business.... and I want you to have it, for free.  So, are you ready to give it a shot?



-reanne, little doll lashes

self-made mamas


A giant thank you to SELF-MADE MAMAS for keeping it real and helping show the world that mamas and business can mix, and for showing our future generations that you can have it all with a little determination and grit - and a few glasses of wine.

Melissa and her group have been instrumental in growing my small business. From collaboration opportunities to strategic tutorials and information, she has taught me how to not only grow but to enrich my business and make more meaningful connections with my buyers.

AMY, pops of grace

self-made mamas





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