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You've got valuable skills and ambitious goals- but marketing your business these days is overwhelming AF.

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Learn exactly how to create high-converting content in the NEW online space- you know, the one where Instagram doesn't show your posts to anyone and TikTok feels like a different planet?

It's time to stop playing small with your content and start creating videos that go to WORK for your business 24/7 - videos that attract ideal customers, build connection, and create sales.



 Through lots of trial and more error than I’d like to admit, I’ve built a thriving company that impacts thousands of busy, high-achieving moms around the world- and gives me and my family a life and future that we had only dreamed of before.

I created  Self-Made Mama to help YOU design a business that gives you the life you really want- and the future you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re an ambitious business mom or one in the making, you’re in the right place- so let’s get to work!

recovering supermom, corporate dropout, and CEO of a successful online business that I built from scratch with a baby on my hip.

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Hey, I'm Melissa

Let's Do This

my goal is to help you build the life you really want by creating a business that works for you- not the other way around.