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a 6-month hybrid coaching program for established female founders who are ready to make 2024 their most TRANSFORMATIVE year yet. 

let's uplevel your MARKETING strategy AND your boundaries, habits, confidence, & money mindset with 1:1 support and a COMMUNITY THAT WILL CHANGE THE TRAJECTORY OF YOUR LIFE & BUSINESS FOREVER.

It's time to take your success and scale it.

 with smart marketing strategy, brain-based mindset support, and a community of female founders where ambition, integrity, and incredible growth is the standard, not the exception.

>> to have way more revenue, with significantly less effort..

>> to have a clear path out of consuming work & chronic stress..

>> to get a step-by-step process to smoothly integrate passive revenue streams & more leveraged offers into your existing brand + business..

>> to have the mental space, time freedom, & confidence to make power moves that will leave you & your business UNRECOGNIZABLE in six months..


what would it feel like...


Our existing community is made up of smart, successful women who are navigating the ups and downs of scaling a business while managing all the complexities of life,- parenting, relationships, mental health, celebration, loss, and everything in between. Our group chat is a safe (read: sacred) space where you can bring anything and everything to the table- because as a self-made CEO, your business isnt happening in a vaccuum, and we know that our clients see MORE success when we support them holistically in this way.

>> YOU'RE a skilled service provider or EXPERT  educator in your field

>> YOU'RE someone with a proven record of serving clients or selling offers

>> YOU ARE currently creating consistent revenue but looking to double or even triple it as quickly as possible

This experience is right for you if...

Deep down, you know you're capable of more. Your niche is thriving, demand is clear, and you have SO much to offer your clients. But still, you're feeling held back.

That's why the first thing we do together is deep dive into your brain AND your business in a private session. From there, we'll identify clear goals for the next six months and start monthly targets that align with your overall vision.

YOU'VE built a successful business through hustle, skill, and relentless drive. But lately, you've felt STUCK, UNSURE, AND IF WE'RE BEING HONEST...maybe A bit BURNT OUT.

Smash through your current sales ceiling


Here's the truth- as the go-to girl in your business, your business growth is directly limited by your personal growth-  blocks like self-doubt, dispersive thinking, and scarcity will keep you and your business stuck if you don't break the circuit and learn to embody the success and emotion you desire. 

And despite what you see all over social media... you don't need a crystal collection and a 27-step morning routine to get there- you just need to learn how to train your brain to support you in becoming your best, most boss self.


Retrain your brain & become your most successful self.

That's what's available to you when you step inside the C-suite: a hybrid coaching experience for female founders who want more profit, more peace, and an environment that's engineered for their success.

+ 6 x Monthly private 1:1 call w Melissa 

+ 6 x Monthly group hotseat call

+ Group coaching chat for daily Q&A and support

+ Quarterly Group VIP Day including virtual coffee date, guest lecture, and guided 90-day vision planning

+ Private project mgmt portal with document hub, to-do list, private session notes & more

+ Access to Melissa's entire library of digital products and online courses

+ Bespoke resources based on group needs



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pay in full & save


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monthly plan


Using our proprietary MOMENTUM METHOD, we guide our clients through a multifaceted, brain-based approach to business & entrepreneurship.

>> exclusive LIVE access to Melissa's Digital Product Deep Dive in early February- exactly how to develop & sell a hyper-profitable digital product that your audience can't WAIT to buy  using Canva, Manychat, & Instagram

>> a copy of my 9x90 Vision Planning method- a brain-based vision boarding exercise that helps program your desires into your subconscious so that your brain automatically works to support your dreams 24/7/365

>>  live access to the 2024 Cash-Creating Content workshop in early March- a psychology-backed approach to creating magnetic, desire-driven content that attracts attention, creates community, & converts to leads and sales.


okay let me in!

let's identify and prioritize your needs & desires (not what you think you should want, what other people want for you, or what social media tells you to want)

let's strategize & execute marketing MOVEs that make sense for your business- ones that give you more freedom * flexibility instead of more work to do

let's rewire the deeply conditioned beliefs and habits that keep you constantly overfunctioning & risking total burnout

let's set you up for long-term, sustainable success by showing you how to think, act, and live like the ceo of your business and your life (not like an overworked employee)

I think your relationships, most importantly the one you have with yourself, are what make life interesting and exciting and terrible and wonderful and everything in between... and tapping into your biggest ambitions, deepest desires, and greatest potential requires more than a quick "you go girl" and an Instagram hack.

I'm a business coach who's deeply critical of the online business industrial complex AND at the same time truly believes in entrepreneurship as a vehicle for empowerment and equity... and I know that the business coaching space won't get better until we offer better business coaching- so that's what I'm here to do.

This is where you'd normally read about how I have two kids and like iced coffee... but the truth is, I suck at small talk.


I take a brain-based approach to marketing and mindset- and after thousands of hours of research and trial by fire, I've figured out a thing or two. 

The reality is that your brain is wired by default for SURVIVAL, not for modern success- and if you're like most of my clients, you have complex experiences and emotions that make it even harder to shift this.

Understanding the psychology and neuroscience of mindset and marketing changed EVERYTHING for me- and I know without a doubt that it will for you as well.

"Melissa provides incredible feedback and is a true teacher who aims to help her students grow."

I’ve been enjoying coaching so much. Not only is it packed with valuable resources for building your online business, but Melissa provides incredible feedback and is a true teacher who aims to help her students grow. This is not a course or membership where the material is set and if you don’t get it, you don’t get. No, she adapts the program to meet students needs and help get them results. I really value and respect Melissa’s insight and ability to produce outstanding content that helps you grow.

lexi, backpocket social

"I would absolutely recommend Melissa to any female entrepreneur that needs to get on the right track to grow their business."

Working with Melissa brought me so much clarity. Her 1:1 Business Coaching program offered me exactly what I needed to get organized, focused and get my business to where it needs to be to be selling my services. She asked me all the right questions, and encouraged me along the way to really understand who my competitors are, how I can be different and stand out and how I can let my expertise shine. Melissa is committed to helping you grow and succeed. Thank you Melissa!

tania, tania lang social

"Melissa is the best tool in my business arsenal"

hen I started working with her 2+ years ago, I was still trying to figure out what direction I wanted my business to go in. I went from pulling my hair out in 2021 to now (in 2023) having consistent 5 figure months, a clear direction and marketing plan, and a successful agency with a team of dedicated individuals and a company culture that I'm proud of. I literally could not have done this without Melissa's guidance and support. She is the only business coach out there that truly understands the unique challenges of growing a successful business while also being the default parent to young children. Because of Melissa, my business and, more importantly, my mindset are on track to become a 7 figure agency.


"Melissa is the REAL DEAL!"

Melissa is the REAL DEAL! She has helped me to develop my course, learn ALL THE THINGS to get my online business going and really help me to start to understand email marketing as I am building from the ground up. I am so thankful for her expertise, she really cares about me and my success!!!! Thanks so much Melissa, I have already recommended you to several other entrepreneurs!

meagan, launch your practice

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