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I’m pulling back the curtain on my own business and life and sharing candid conversations about business and marketing, motherhood and marriage, health and healing, building wealth, and breaking cycles - and that means you get to learn from my success stories AND my unfiltered mistakes

you want to learn how to create and navigate success without losing yourself or your sanity along the way

You want to "be your best self" and create your dream business, but you can't seem to find advice that takes into account all the sh!t you're dealing with on the daily

You've realized that business can't happen in a vacuum, and that if your life & mindset is a mess, your business is eventually going to go down with it.. 

You want to hear it straight from the source- from someone who has face similar struggles and actually understands what moves the needle for a high-achieving mother

This Podcast is for you if...

I’m a mindset & marketing coach, a mom and legal guardian, a police & army wife, and, to the shock of many crusty old men on the internet, a whole-ass person with needs and interests beyond being a caregiver and service provider. I’m in recovery from pathological people-pleasing, supermom syndrome, and a dash of PTSD just to keep things interesting.... and I'm here to cut through the crap and show you how to get that big beautiful life you’re chasing without sacrificing your relationships, your sanity, or yourself. I want you to HAVE it all without DOING it all- and I’m going to show you how to dismantle the limiting beliefs and crushing social constructs that are holding you back from your best business and your best life.

Melissa Rodgers

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